18,000 New Companies

...were founded in the VIENNA REGION in 2014. The recent boom in firms locating their businesses in the VIENNA REGION clearly demonstrates the quality of business environment awaiting newcomers to it.

Around 250 renowned companies have already established their CEE headquarters in the VIENNA REGION. A large number of international top companies have been represented in the region for a long time, but every year, many more international companies are added to the list:

Some of the most important newcomers of the last few years in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland: 

  • e-shelter, Datacenter Solutions, Vienna
  • Avocis, ICT, Call Center, Vienna
  • Car2go, zipcar, Car Sharing, Vienna  
  • Celebi Ground Services, Airport Services, Vienna
  • Paul Bauder GmbH, Roof Systems, Bruck/Leitha (Lower Austria) 
  • SPL Tele GmbH &CO KG, Telecommunications, Wolkersdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Tyco Electronics Austria, Relay Production, Waidhofen/Thaya (Lower Austria)
  • Heidi Chocolat AG, Candies, Wiener Neudorf (Lower Austria)
  • Coca Cola HBC Austria GmbH, Beverages, Edelstal (Burgenland)
  • DIAGON GmbH, Pharmaceutics, Siegendorf (Burgenland)
  • EIP GmbH, FMZ Parndorf, Retail Park, Parndorf (Burgenland)

Headquarters (pdf 279 KB)

Companies with the highest revenues (pdf 118 KB)