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Vienna. Lower Austria. Burgenland.

Clusters are flexible networks of small and large companies that complement each other, along research, development, qualification institutions and additional centers of competence that build competitiveness thanks to close supply linkages and cooperative relationships.


  • Digital Technologies Vienna

    Vienna ranks among the top IT metropolises in Europe. In total, companies generate annual total sales which are four times as much as the sales of the tourism industry in Vienna.

    The development of digital technologies is of enormous importance for the Vienna location, as well as in international inter-city competitiveness. The Vienna IT sector is visible on an international level in several areas – from IT security to Open Government Data. The industry has high-quality jobs, which likewise require high-quality workers. In addition to a first-class training system, there is good infrastructure and a high density of (extra-) university research, which particularly speaks in Vienna’s favor.


    Digital Technologies in Vienna


  • LISAvienna - Connecting Life Sciences

    LISAvienna is the joint life science platform operated by austria wirtschaftsservice and the Vienna Business Agency. On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics and the city of Vienna, it contributes to the advancement of life sciences in Vienna.

    LISAvienna supports innovative biotech, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in Vienna that develop and market new products, services and processes. The platform links these companies with development partners and key customers. As a central knowledge carrier, LISAvienna provides input for decisions to advance the life sciences in Vienna and contributes to positioning the city of Vienna as one of the leading European innovation centers.



  • Sustainable Technologies Vienna

    This is established in the city of Vienna’s Smart City Framework Strategy. The target groups are companies in the areas of energy and environment, mobility and construction, as well as social innovations.

    Sustainable Technologies in Vienna


  • Smart Production Vienna

    Smart production means the progressive networking of production environments and all associate components in Industry 4.0. Industrial production is thus interlinked with modern information and communications technologies.

    Smart production in Vienna


  • e-mobility initiative of Lower Austria

    The e-mobility initiative of Lower Austria is both first and central point of contact as well as the know-how hub for all matters involving e-mobility in Lower Austria.

    e-mobility initiative in Lower Austria


  • Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria

    A point of contact for companies, R&D institutions and quality standards organizations with interests in the fields of energy efficiency, comfortable living, interior climate control and renovation of older housing.

    Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria


  • Mechatronics Cluster Lower Austria


    Central point of contact for all matters relating to metals, mechanical engineering and mechatronics in Lower Austria.

    Mechatronics Cluster in Lower Austria


  • Plastics Cluster Lower Austria

    The central focus of this cluster - a co-operation with Upper Austria - lies in the optimal support between companies in the plastic sector in Lower Austria.

    Plastics-Cluster in Lower Austria


  • Food Cluster of Lower Austria

    Platform for agribusiness: agriculture, food processing, marketing

    Food Cluster of Lower Austria