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Vienna as new hub of Europe´s Innovation Community in manufacturing

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The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) recently made Vienna one of five pan-European Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) hubs in manufacturing.

The Technical University of Vienna is one of 50 partner organisations in 17 countries in the EIT Manufacturing KIC and is playing a leading role in setting up a Co-Location Center (CLC) in Vienna for the CEE region and Greece.

EIT Manufacturing Center ©eit manufacturing


The new KIC EIT Manufacturing puts "Made by Europe" at the heart of its partnership to boost innovation in production, to promote networking and to steer the transition towards an industry 4.0. Next to Vienna, the KIC manufacturing further comprises five co-location centers in Gothenburg, Milan, Bilbao and Darmstadt.


For Austria and the Vienna Region, the CLC in Vienna represents a focal point for innovation and business creation, which can make domestic industry more competitive, sustainable and productive. The KIC´s ambitions are high: By 2030, 50,000 people should be trained or apply the new skills. Thousand start-ups are to be founded and supported, 360 new products and services will be launched on the market. With a planned annual budget of 350 million euros by 2025, the network support could benefit 70,000 small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe.

For the next three years, the Vienna Business Agency is committed to support the CLC with the free provision of office space in Seestadt Aspern.

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