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4 more years for BIOENERGY2020+ research centre

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BIOENERGY2020+, one of the largest international research centers for biomass related technologies, will continue its research for another four years due to a 9.18 million euro fresh investment from the EU funded COMET program.

By April 2019, the BIOENERGY2020+ competence centre K1 will thus be able to build on its success in pre-competitive, industry related research in the field of biomass.

With its expertise in biomass to energy and biomass to goods conversion, BIOENERGY 2020+ aims to contributing to the formation of a bio-based economy facilitating the development of innovative and sustainable technologies. To achieve this goal, K1 research activities focus on the efficient and environmentally friendly provision of fuels, heat and power from biomass.

However, K1 also researches options for non-energy use of biomass. For instance, the BIOENERGY2020+ institute in Wieselburg, Lower Austria, was the first to announce comprehensive testing on microgrids under laboratory conditions. In the future, microgrids could help tackle the energy challenges of the 21st century by creating an intelligent grid system which can cope with volatile power flows from renewable energy sources such as sun and wind energy.

The extensive investment for the competence center K1 of BIOENERGY2020+ is made by the COMET program, which endorses leading scientific and technological research throughout Europe such as done in the laboratories of BIOENERGY2020+.

microgrid indirect ©Bioenergy 2020+

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