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Vienna International Airport invests about EUR 500 million into the renovation of Terminal 2 and Pier East as well as the construction of the southern enlargement as a link to Terminal 3. The large-scale development project has already begun with construction work to be concluded by 2023. In the course of ten years (until 2028), a total of EUR 2.6 billion will be invested into the expansion of Airport City Vienna.

    Airport City Vienna continues to grow

    The new southern enlargement represents the core element of the airport’s terminal development programme. Two hotels (with a third already in the making), a business park, technical operations, businesses, bars and restaurants as well as leisure activities and a healthcare centre turn the Airport City into a small “metropolis” with some 22,500 employees last year. Flughafen Wien AG alone employs 6,250 people. About 230 businesses operate from Airport City, the most recent addition being the Californian Startup Accelerator Plug and Play, bringing together startups with investors and potential partners.

    New leisure and lounge areas, additional bus gates and numerous new spaces for shopping and food & beverage facilities will be created in an area of about 70,000 m². Particular emphasis will be placed on Austrian food and local brands. The southern enlargement’s shopping area will be generating about EUR 50 million by 2025. The new building also accommodates central security screening and enables convenient transfer between various gates.

    Focus on climate protection

    Since 2012 Vienna Airport has reduced its CO2 emissions (per passenger) by about 70 per cent and its consumption of electricity by 40 per cent. The additional energy required for the new southern enlargement will be generated based on a heat exchange process.  

    Significant growth in passenger volume

    Vienna is one of the fastest-growing cities in the European Union. The city’s tourism volume reached a new record high of 16.5 million overnight stays last year. More than half of all tourists – and more than 70 per cent of all conference guests – come by plane, making the airport the most important tourism gate to the city.

    Last year more than 27 million passengers arrived, transferred at or departed from Vienna, accounting for an increase in passenger volume of almost 11 per cent. In 2019 the airport expects to handle more than 30 million passengers with 750 take-offs and landings on peak days. Vienna Airport was regularly served by 74 airlines in 2018, flying to 205 destinations in 71 countries. Last year’s airline top dog was AUA, a member of the Lufthansa Group. About 13 million passengers flew with Austrian Airlines in 2018, accounting for almost 50 per cent of all passengers to and from Vienna. 



    Source: Die Presse, APA

    Photo: Flughafen Wien AG


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