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The latest UN climate report, which warns that the world will have to change the way it produces food and manages land, has sparked a debate about our diet and the impact it has on climate change. Beef production in particular accounts for a large part of methane emissions. Rebel Meat, a Viennese start-up, might have come up with its own contribution to meeting the global climate goals.

    By reducing the share of meat in a burger patty to 50% and replacing it with mushrooms and millet, the company wants to offer a product which is more eco-friendly than traditional meat products. The burger is now available at selected restaurants in Vienna. The start-up spent more than six months in the kitchen, trying to ensure that the new burger tastes like a "real" burger, according to its press release. It stresses that it uses only regional products.

    “90% of Austrians eat meat and if we can get them to cut their meat consumption by 50%, then this will be the most efficient way to reduce the country’s total meat consumption,” says co-founder Cornelia Habacher.

    The start-up is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and has made it into Switzerland’s biggest start-up accelerator. In 2020, the burger is also to be launched in Switzerland and Germany. According to Philipp Stangl, CEO of Rebel Meat, hybrid meat is the next big trend in the meat industry: “We are the pioneers in Europe in this area and over the next few years, we are striving to become market leaders”.

    Sources: Die Presse; "der brutkasten"

    Photos: © Rebel Meat

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