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UNESCO honour for Sachertorte & Co

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UNESCO has added “Austria’s cake and pastry culture“ to its Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

This register consists of immaterial cultural heritages which serve as a model for safeguarding traditions locally and regionally. In Austria, this applies to the Sachertorte chocolate cake, the „Linzer Torte“ cakes and Mozartkugel.

Sachertorte ©Pixabay


With this distinction, UNESCO recognises the cultural significance, the necessary expertise as well as skilled craftsmanship needed to produce pastries, starting with agriculture, which supplies the raw materials, to the processing of the ingredients into tasty delicacies.

Five years ago, Linz-based pollster IMAS conducted a survey about Austria’s most popular pastries and cakes. 86 per cent listed the Viennese Sachertorte as their favourite dessert, followed by Kaiserschmarrn (a shredded pancake dish) with 78 per cent.

Sources: APA, Die Presse

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