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Vienna's first electric carriage hits the streets

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It almost looks like a traditional carriage, but it is praised as an animal and environmentally friendly alternative: the new electric carriage unveiled by utility provider Wien Energie. It comes with a 16-kilowatt engine and it can reach a top speed of up to 25km/h. 

Yesterday’s presentation was not only a glimpse into the future, but also into the past. Until 1910 electric cars were widely used before the combustion engine conquered the streets. The new e-carriage looks very similar to the car in those days.

The new model, however, is not to compete with the fiakers, Vienna’s traditional two-horse carriages. Instead, it will be a promotional vehicle at events that offers tours across the city.  It can accommodate up to eight people, including the driver. The e-carriage will mainly be used to promote the network of public charging stations fed with renewable energy sources.

Source: ORF

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