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Business Park Ennsdorf

The park with the port

The ecoplus Business Park Ennsdorf - located in the dynamic economic region formed by Linz, Steyr, St. Valentin and Amstetten - offers any number of advantages on both water and land. This business park with a Danube port gives your company access to a major waterway providing very affordable connections to Europe's most important economic centers. 

Unique among business parks, ecoplus Business Park Ennsdorf has the 5 ha (12.4 acres) Enns-Ennsdorf harbor basin, enabling all types of water transshipment. What is more, Ennsdorf boasts an own rail connection with RORO (roll on roll off) facilities and 7 km rails. Combined with its easy access to both the Westbahn railway line and the West Autobahn, ecoplus Business Park Ennsdorf is the ideal transportation and logistics hub for trimodal transshipping, and thus the right place for companies which need to move their materials and goods in the most efficient way. 


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Adress: Wirtschaftspark Straße 5, 4482, Ennsdorf

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