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Invest in the Vienna Region
Vienna. Lower Austria. Burgenland.
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  • In the heart of Central Europe

    The VIENNA REGION is located in the centre of a market of more than 500 million consumers. Its location in direct proximity to CEE and contacts established over generations make the VIENNA REGION the economic and cultural hub between the old and new members of the EU.

    The VIENNA REGION is also one of the most dynamic regions of Austria. The area covering 23,500 square metres with 3.6 million inhabitants is responsible for about 45% of Austria's GDP. Here, there are the most start-ups and business relocations of any region in Austria by far.


  • Pole Position for Central and Eastern Europe

    Austria and the VIENNA REGION have been a role model in exploiting the business opportunities arising from EU enlargement. 95 percent of all ATX companies now operate in CEE.

  • Focus on High-Tech

    Innovation is the top priority: The Vienna Region is home to a large number of operations developing life sciences, ICT, automotive, renewable energies and environmental technologies. The prevalence of high-tech in the region is detailed by its incubator boom, and by the setting up of new research centres and of other subsidiaries by many leading global business players.

    The regions's financial incentives, networks and state of the art-technology hubs fostering the fruitful interaction of global players and start-ups, of research and educational facilities ensure the expeditious and effective transfer of technologies between the business and scientific communities.

  • Attractive Business Locations

    The VIENNA REGION offers a wide range of attractive business locations - from business parks to technology and competence centers – all of which enable the successful collaboration of business and research.

  • Qualified labour force

    The human factor: The remarkable productivity in the VIENNA REGION is to a large extent based on a highly-qualified workforce and an outstanding educational system.


  • High quality of life

    The Region of delights: A rich music and cultural scene, beautiful landscapes, a host of recreational offerings and a high level of personal safety make the VIENNA REGION an especially attractive place to live.


  • International Organisations, Trade Fairs and Congresses

    International meeting point: The tradition of Vienna as a major conference site dates back to the year 1815, when the city hosted the peace talks following the Napoleonic Wars ("Congress of Vienna").

    Since then, Vienna has established itself as a prime international conference location and ranks among favoured destinations in the world. Major international organisations, such as the UN, UNIDO, IAEO or OPEC are based in the city.

  • Optimal Infrastructure

    Best connections: An established network of communications and telecommunications will guarantee the even faster transport of people, goods and data.


  • International Companies and Headquarters

    Business Hub Vienna Region: More than 240 renowned companies, most active in the high-tech sector, have already established their Central and Eastern Europe headquarters in the VIENNA REGION. This number is attributable to the Region's business-friendly environment, whose components are attractive investment incentives, corporate income tax rates and fiscal group taxation schemes.

  • Investment promotion initiatives, Tax advantages

    Austria and the VIENNA REGION have established an effective promotion system for entrepreneurs with promising ideas: direct grants and other measures are assisting companies to make money by exploiting good ideas.

    With a standard corporation tax rate of 25%, Austria's rates are low compared with the rest of Europe. Investors also profit from the new group relief arrangements (ongoing set-off of profits/losses of the entire company group by simple consolidation).