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A set of proficiencies in the cutting-edge fields of eco-construction, solar energy and biomass. In times when climatic change is not the plot of a science-fiction novel, it is high time to focus on sustainable and renewable energy. In the past decades, two areas of renewable energy have been gaining importance: wind and solar energy.

Environmental technology which is also beneficial for the environment – all in the Vienna Region.


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Climate change.

Having wide and flat landscapes in Burgenland and Lower Austria has led to numerous windparks being built in these two counties. Using energy from such windparks is a great contribution to the reduction of CO2 and in the long run to help save the climate. The windparks in Burgenland for instance save up to 800,000 tons of CO2. In the Vienna Region many offices, as well as buildings of flats and houses have put up solar panels to operate more energy efficiently. This technology uses solar panels to convert the energy of the sun into electricity. Especially Burgenland with more than 300 days of sunshine per year can generate the majority of the energy needed from solar panels. In Vienna there are many innovative projects in the field of photovoltaics, for instance the use of solar energy to water fields.