I love plants and the diversity of nature.


The VIENNA REGION Marketing GmbH was founded in 2008 with the aim of internationally marketing and positioning the business location Vienna Region. It is owned by the Austrian Federal Provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland and is a joint initiative of the Vienna Business Agency, ecoplus-The Business Agency of Lower Austria and Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland.

We connect international entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups, scientists, research and educational facilities, public institutions and professional associations from the Vienna Region and countries abroad.

To get louder about us, we are looking for testimonials within the Vienna Region.

Describe yourself and your business in a few words.
Simona Nitschinger: My name is Simona Nitschinger. I am co-founder of Bionana. I am originally from Upper Austria, but after having lived in Vienna for a long time, I relocated my centre of life to the great lake district of lake Neusiedl. After starting a family, I decided to build my own business. As I love plants and the diversity of nature and have work experience in this sector, I started my own web shop for organic gardening with my husband and his agency Atomicboy. We sell a variety of organic seeds and plants and everything a gardener needs for organic gardening.
We are now in the second year and in the meantime a team of 9 people is working very hard on Bionana’s success.

Why is it profitable for your business to be in the Vienna Region?
Simona Nitschinger: We have very mild climate here in this part of the Vienna Region and there are a lot of gardens and gardeners. This is where we found great partners to make our dream come true and start this exciting project. We also have a great partner in Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland and furthermore there is a fabulous network of start-ups in the region.

The Vienna Regions means for me ….
Simona Nitschinger: … the perfect work life balance!

4. Three things you love about the Vienna Region
Simona Nitschinger: Vienna, lake Neusiedl and the people I have met there over the years.

Is there anything you miss in the Vienna Region?
Simona Nitschinger: From the business perspective – nothing, but as Simona, snow as well as the mountains 😉

Three arguments for future businesses to bring their business to the Vienna Region
When starting your business in the Vienna Region you will find a great start-up network, have support from other networks such as the Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland and will meet open-minded people everywhere.

What is your favourite place in the Vienna Region and why?
Simona Nitschinger: Definitely lake Neusiedl. It is the place to be. In summer you can do a lot of different sports there like sailing, surfing, playing beach volleyball or paddling, but you can also relax on the beautiful beaches around the lake. Winter is the perfect time to chill with your family and friends and sometimes when it is cold enough, you may go ice skating on the lake. Living so close to Vienna is really great, because it means that we are close to a big and beautiful city, but at the same time enjoy nature and the lake as well.

Name three problems you had to overcome when starting up your business in Vienna Region.
Simona Nitschinger: In the last year we faced a lot of challenges. Some partners we decided for did not meet our expectations. Therefore we had to find new gardeners, a new logistic partner, a seed-bottler as well as a new internet provider. That was a lot of pointless effort in the past, but you never know before what you are getting into and after this hard year we are up and running and full of confidence again!