In the Making.


The VIENNA REGION Marketing GmbH was founded in 2008 with the aim of internationally marketing and positioning the business location Vienna Region. It is owned by the Austrian Federal Provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland and is a joint initiative of the Vienna Business Agency, ecoplus-The Business Agency of Lower Austria and Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland.

We connect international entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups, scientists, research and educational facilities, public institutions and professional associations from the Vienna Region and countries abroad.

To get louder about us, we are looking for testimonials within the the Vienna Region.

Describe yourself and your business in a few words.
Clemens Mayer: I’m Clemens Mayer, the founder of MAYER MAKES. I have specialised in electronics and prototyping. We build early-stage prototypes for start-ups and industrial companies worldwide and produce video content about technology and innovation.

Why is it profitable for your business to be in the Vienna Region?
Clemens Mayer: Our communication and work are mostly done online over the internet and with computer aided manufacturing and design processes. This allows us to focus more on quality of life instead of just being near a certain industry. Our location in Baden near Vienna gives us quick access to all the infrastructure in Vienna, but at the same time has the benefits of a countryside residence.

The Vienna Regions means for me ….
Clemens Mayer:… home. I’ve spent most of my life here, and I have plans to keep the headquarter of my business here long term.

Three things you love about the Vienna Region
Clemens Mayer: While a lot of regions focus on specific industries, the Vienna Region has a very broad range of possible customers for me. You have instant access to experts on every subject imaginable here, and that is incredibly valuable to me. The freedom of going hiking in the woods spontaneously is for me the best aspect. I can just go out enjoying nature when I feel like it and free up my mind without worrying as I can be back in the office in a few minutes.

Is there anything you miss in the Vienna Region?
Clemens Mayer: I’d like to have more practical guidance on how things work like administration, taxes and so on, to make starting a new venture quicker and more cost-efficient.

Three arguments for future businesses to bring their business to the Vienna Region
Clemens Mayer: Your employees will love it for the quality of life. A lot of people who came to work for one company stayed here even after they had found a new job.
If you focus on B2B Vienna is a great hub to access all of Europe.
The logistics situation around Vienna makes the whole area really attractive, especially if you need to warehouse a lot of items or need to establish production facilities.

What is your favourite place in the Vienna Region and why?
Clemens Mayer:: Baden. This is my hometown and a place where you can go fishing and hiking in your lunchbreak if you feel like it. It’s not buzzing like Vienna’s city centre but it’s great for creatives who love to spend time in nature to free their mind after work.

Name three problems you had to overcome when starting up your business in the Vienna Region.
Clemens Mayer: The bureaucracy was daunting when I first started, now a lot of paperwork can be done online, which makes it a lot easier. My best investment was to contract a professional partner for accountancy and taxes.
As I deal in a very new niche, there is no funding programme that really applies to my business so I had to bootstrap everything. That way I learned to get the most out of my budget.
I was pretty sure I would not find my first clients in Austria as the concept I was pitching was just taking off in the US, but I actually found my first B2B customer in Vienna. Now I have customers across Europe and America that I all serve from here, so my initial choice was right.