More courage, less copy paste!


The VIENNA REGION Marketing GmbH was founded in 2008 with the aim of internationally marketing and positioning the business location Vienna Region. It is owned by the Austrian Federal Provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland and is a joint initiative of the Vienna Business Agency, ecoplus-The Business Agency of Lower Austria and Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland.

We connect international entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups, scientists, research and educational facilities, public institutions and professional associations from the Vienna Region and countries abroad.

To get louder about us, we are looking for testimonials within the Vienna Region.

Describe yourself and your business in a few words.
The free-to-use ktchng-app bundles three technologies: scanning, machine learning (artificial intelligence) and blockchain. Using these technologies, we create an eco-system, which offers several possibilities to the market.
The ktchng Augmented Reality app with its unique and highly innovative object recognition algorithms gives users fast access to products and services. After opening the ktchng app, the user scans a product and gets information where and under what conditions the product is available in their vicinity. The retail market, the consumer goods industry, brands, manufacturers and the advertising industry can use this information from the ktchng community to analyze data and insights that are important for future products and services. Fair data handling stands above all that. The users can acquire ktchng tokens linked to the euro (1KTC = 1EUR). They can share their interests and invite friends or send videos of products. Users can also create the ktchng wallet, which is a kind of personal, high security safe. Soon these tokens might be used for payments in the ktchng webshop. This is unique in Europe.
Furthermore, the industry has the possibility of displaying promotions on the ktchng app. The fee is based on the number of promotions offered and clicks generated (ktchng ads tool). Serving retailers, brands and manufacturers alike enables ktchng to leverage its multiplier effect without being dependent on one single partner. Generating promotions is fully automated through the ktchng content management system. Find out more on

Why is it profitable for your business to be in the Vienna Region?
Vienna Region is located in the heart of Europe. It is easy to travel to all relevant markets. Within three hours you can reach nearly every major city in Europe. The infrastructure is in good condition and the political stability is unique.

The Vienna Regions means for me ….
… high quality of life, good conditions to work and well-placed to build up a start-up, which wants to be active in Europe…and beyond.

Three things you love about the Vienna Region
Without COVID Vienna Region is a meeting point of culture and enjoyment with high social standards.

Is there anything you miss in the Vienna Region?
We need well educated IT staff. There should be a focus on educating people in that field.

Three arguments for future businesses to bring their business to the Vienna Region
A well-developed funding landscape, people who are ready to work hard and a good location to travel to all business-relevant European locations.

What is your favourite place in the Vienna Region and why?
I’d have to say Mattersburg, because our headquarters is located there.

Name three problems you had to overcome when starting up your business in the Vienna Region.
There are two major problems: The first is to find well educated IT-staff and the second is to have more risk-capital in the country. What’s more, Vienna Region needs more early-adopter thinking. Not everything new always has to come from the USA or China. More courage, less copy paste.