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The Vienna Region is home to an abundance of successful companies. It is an excellent business location, offering lots of benefits to entrepreneurs. Let’s have a look at some of these companies – and maybe yours will soon be added to that list!


The pink square packet containing wafers filled with chocolate-hazelnut cream is well-known and well-loved by most people. The family business started out in 1890. Today, it is a leading manufacturer of wafers, candy, and confectionery. It operates from a location in Vienna’s 17th district and from Wolkersdorf in Lower Austria, making it a company that is connected to two regions of the Vienna Region.

Manner products are exported to more than 70 locations around the globe. Austria’s geographical location, situated in the very center of Europe, and its reliable, extensive infrastructure are perfect for export. As it grows, a business can easily scale up and extend its markets to neighboring countries and to other continents.

Manner’s logo displaying St. Stephen’s Cathedral has become very well known. It is tied to Austria’s history and architecture. It evokes images of and associations with Austria like high quality, stability, artisan tradition, and long experience. The slogan “Enjoy the taste of Vienna” builds on that image. Austria’s excellent reputation is a benefit for any company that settles here.

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Austrotherm Dämmstoffe

Yet another company that is situated in two counties of the Vienna Region: in Burgenland as well as in Lower Austria. It is the perfect example of how the counties of the Vienna Region can work together, combining their individual advantages. Austrotherm’s headquarter is situated in Waldegg in Lower Austria, the production sites can be found in Pinkafeld and in Purbach, both of which are located in Burgenland. Burgenland as well as Lower Austria offer moderately priced industrial sites. Moderate costs in spite of a central, well-connected location with excellent infrastructure are of the many advantages of the Vienna Region.

Austrotherm is an Austrian pioneer in the thermal insulation sector and was founded in 1953. It produces high-quality styrofoam tiles for insulation. The great success led to the expansion in neighboring countries such as Hungary and Poland. Austria is a direct neighbor to many eastern European countries which makes it an excellent location to expand and export from.


Austria isn’t only home to successful companies that were founded within its borders. Many international firms establish production facilities or operating locations in Austria. The Vienna Region offers a variety of distinct advantages for entrepreneurs, making it an excellent choice when looking for a new business location. Ottobock, a German Health-Tech company has been doing business in Austria for more than 50 years now. Operating in the field of orthopedic technology, Ottobock is considered a world market leader in the field of prosthetics. Ottobock is developing “Wearable Human Bionics” – such as orthotic, prosthetic, and human mobility products for people with decreased mobility.

The Ottobock Research and Development Location in Vienna is one of four R&D facilities run by Ottobock. Vienna is a hub for research, offering access to nationally and internationally recognized research institutions. There are many collaboration partners for technical, clinical, and medical research. The Vienna Region is home to a vast number of universities and colleges with more than 210.000 students. Optimally motivated and excellently trained people graduate from these schools. Companies can recruit qualified new employees and can benefit from an international network of innovation. Listen to an interview with Ottobock on the business location Austria here.


Worldwide, Siemens is one of the largest producers of energy-efficient technologies. The German Company has locations in all three counties of the Vienna Region – in Lower Austria, Burgenland, and Vienna. It is one of the biggest tech companies in Austria, employing approximately 9.000 people. Siemens Austria concentrates on electrification, automation, and digitalization.

Siemens has established a base in Austria from where operations in other European countries are led. Lead Country Austria is a high-growth economic region comprising 26 countries with a population of around 269 million. Siemens seizes the potential of these countries and their dynamic development, which is the result of massive investments in industry and infrastructure. Many of the lead counties of Austria (or the Vienna Region) are on the threshold of membership or have not long been members of the European Union, which supports the development of infrastructure (energy, transport, industry, …) and healthcare, among other things. In all these areas, Siemens offers comprehensive and environmentally friendly technological solutions.

Once again, the central location of Austria has been turned into a hugely profitable advantage. Moreover, the Vienna Region is a forerunner in digital transformation and automation. A lot of effort is being put into research, educational institutions, and the facilitation of interdisciplinary and international exchange. Companies working in this field will find the ideal environment for their businesses.


The biotech-company AFFiRiS was founded in Vienna in 2003. It develops vaccines for serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, or Parkinson’s. The Viennese biotech company is playing an important role in the development of vaccines against previously untreatable or hardly treatable diseases.

Science and medical research have a long history in the Vienna Region. Since the imperial days, it has been a magnet for great thinkers, physicians, and medical innovations. Austria operates one of the best health systems in the world, with public health care being universally available. Hence, medical innovation can quickly find its way to the patient.

There are many renowned universities and research facilities in Austria, making the region attractive for medical companies. First-class clinics, highly qualified doctors, and state-of-the-art equipment make Austria a lively market for medical technology. Moreover, there are the benefits of great infrastructure, extensive networks, and modern technologies.

Do you also want to become a successful company in the science sector? Take a look at our portrait of Dr. Bohrer Lasertec and get inspired.

A magnet for successful companies

Innovative, successful companies from across the globe enjoy optimal conditions in Austria. The Vienna Region is a productive business location with strong support for research and development. There is funding and support for start-ups, low-priced industrial grounds, and tax benefits for enterprises. Personal security, political stability, and the unmatched quality of life bring forth or attract highly qualified and motivated specialists. Reliable, modern infrastructure and excellent connectivity place the Vienna Region in the center of a star that reaches out to all of the European countries and beyond. If you are looking for a place to start, relocate or extend your company to – the Vienna Region is your top choice!

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Let me give you five reasons why you should set up your headquarters in the Vienna Region:

  • it is part of the 4th richest country of the European Union
  • a high quality of life at affordable prices 
  • Excellent, highly-developed infrastructure
  • highly qualified workforce
  • outstanding spending capacity of customers
  • home to many international companies, universities as well as research facilities
  • direct access to South East and Eastern Europe 
  • high level of personal security, political stability and legal certainty
  • an international as well as cosmopolitan region due to a population with migration background

What a founder-friendly location needs is a focus on the global market. Austria’s location in particular makes it an ideal hub for the international start-up scene in Central and Eastern Europe. 

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