The Vienna Region is a meeting of tradition and modernity, of history and the future.

Sabine Fallmann-Hauser

As a woman and mother, I think it’s great to be able to build a career in Vienna. With many facilities for children and subsidized kindergartens, the city of Vienna really does a lot to give women the opportunity to combine a child and a career.

Lena Hoschek

My vision is to make the endless biological plant diversity available again. Together with a great network of young entrepreneurs in Burgenland and energetic support from the Burgenland Business Agency, I am on the right track. BIONANA is a young, innovative online store and stands for organic, natural and sustainable gardening.

Simona Nitschinger

Vienna is more than a city for me. Vienna has not only been my home for years, but also the birthplace of Robo Wunderkind. The openness and naturalness of seeing women in leadership positions certainly played a big role in founding here. After all, Robo Wunderkind also stands for gender equality.

Anna Iarotska