What location advantages has the Vienna Region to offer?


On first sight, Vienna Region might seem small, maybe even too small to have an international impact. This is where you are wrong. Vienna Region, which consists of the three most Eastern regions of the country – Vienna, which is Austria’s capital, Lower Austria and Burgenland – is an innovative and modern region, worth to live and invest in.

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Let me give you five reasons why you should set up your headquarters in

Let me give you five reasons why you should set up your headquarters in the Vienna Region:

  • it is part of the 4th richest country of the European Union
  • a high quality of life at affordable prices 
  • Excellent, highly-developed infrastructure
  • highly qualified workforce
  • outstanding spending capacity of customers
  • home to many international companies, universities as well as research facilities
  • direct access to South East and Eastern Europe 
  • high level of personal security, political stability and legal certainty
  • an international as well as cosmopolitan region due to a population with migration background
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A closer look at the 3 regions of Vienna Region
The capital – Vienna –  Enjoy baroque history in a modern and innovative metropolis.

Whether you come as a tourist to see the sights on your holidays or as an investor, business angel or start-up-company, Vienna will welcome you. For the past 10 years, Vienna has been voted the most liveable city in the world in city rankings by Mercer or Economist. This high ranking has many reasons some of them are affordable housing prices, many green spaces as well as great infrastructure. 

There are manifold business opportunities for international players. Many companies, such as IBM, Microsoft, Starbucks or Coca Cola, just to name a few, have set up shops here in the past. In the streets where once the emperor and empress of Austria were visiting in carriages, modern style buildings meet old baroque chic. There are currently 23 universities in Vienna as well as approximately 1500 research facilities and almost 50 international institutions and 208 international company headquarters. 

Furthermore, do not forget about the traditional coffee shops. What better place to discuss future business plans than in a cozy atmosphere! Theatres and shows, museums or the opera are popular places for spending your free time for visitors as well as locals. Feel like having a run after a day packed with meetings and calls? The Donauinsel, a more than 20 km long path along the Danube river offers the perfect setting for running, inline-skating and biking. You are not the sporty type? Why not relax in one of the many parks the city invites you. 

How to get here? Getting to Vienna is easy. Hop on a plane or depending where you come from on a bus or even your own car. Within the 23 districts it is comfortable to commute by public transport such as trams, busses and metro. Parking spaces are not always easy to find. 

Feel Alive and enjoy the Vienna Region

The biggest part of the Vienna Region Lower Austria – Taking a closer look at Lower Austria, the most obvious characteristics are its huge stretches of land. These fairly cheap and wide landscapes are prone to be used for the production of clean energy. Similar to Burgenland, you can find many opportunities for wind and solar energy as well as hydropower in Lower Austria. Furthermore, many international companies such as Böhringer Ingelheim, Takeda or Microsoft have set up successful businesses here. They use the huge available spaces for instance for storage and packaging warehouses.

Good to know that this county is in close driving-distance to Vienna’s city center, but it has a charm of its own. Sportive activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing or golfing are just one way of entertaining yourself. One of Austria’s most famous mountains in the East, the Schneeberg, is situated in Lower Austria. There you can either hike up to the top or you can take a ride on the cog railway Salamander. There are many spas that offer relaxing hours for body and soul. Many of these spas also have seminar rooms in their hotels. Why not combine business with pleasure for your next business meeting? 

For cultural interests you could visit the small town of Baden, which used to be the summer residence of Austria’s emperor and empress and has a historical baroque flair. Scenic shopping streets, uniquely designed hotels and coffeeshops as well as parks and a famous spa for a relaxing time.

Have you become curious and want to see for yourself? What are you waiting for? Come to the Vienna Region and take a closer look at possible business opportunities. . 

Burgenland – The sunny side of the Vienna Region

This Austrian county might be famous for its endless fields and excellent wine. But did you know that Burgenland is the hotspot for companies and startups focussing on clean and innovative energy? Wind and solar energy is a huge market that you could explore as a business opportunity.  

Although most cities are more rural than Vienna, there is more than farm life to which there, especially in the bigger towns. Nature-lovers most likely will know the biggest steppe lake in Europe, which is situated partly in Austria and in Hungary.

Swimming, kitting, boat trips and exploring the fascinating flora and fauna are some of the things you can do in this area. Every summer a famous open-air opera takes place in Mörbisch. Children and young adults love to have fun in the adventure park Familypark.

Visitors also find the Sonnentherme in Lutzmannsburg, which is the only spa for babies and children of its kind in Europe. As Burgenland is mostly flat, cycling is the sport that region is best known for. With mild temperatures even in March, when in some parts of Austria snow is still falling, bicycle lovers can already indulge in their beloved free time activity.

What do international companies like Herz or Stahlbau Unger appreciate about Vienna Region? Experiencing Burgenland shows that there is a lot of space. You could set up your company in one of these areas for a relatively fair price. Furthermore, you would not be in no-man’s-land. From the nord of Burgenland the international airport VIE is only about 45 minutes away and the Vienna’s city center approximately an hour. There are also frequent train connections. This makes it possible to have your storage located in Nord-Burgenland and your headquarter in Vienna. 

Location Advantage 1 – Numerous leisure activities such as:

1. Giant Ferris wheel Vienna

2. Bungee jumping

3. Hot air balloon

4. Boat tours in parks

5. Waterfalls

6. Schönbrunn Palace

7. Karting Tracks

and many more!

The Vienna has all 4 seasons with their full splendor and advantages.

Location Advantage 2 – Key Sector: Industry and Materials
Around 1,360 companies with about 26,216 employees are united in the Austrian Tiber Industry. The vast majority of these members are small and medium-sized companies, often family-owned. They are often located in structurally weak areas and are therefore the only employers in their regions.

The production value of these businesses is around EUR 7.08 billion per year. The timber industry is a branch with a strong focus on foreign trade, with an extremely high export rate of almost 66% in 2014. Exports are made to Germany and Italy in particular. With 74.4% (3.56 billion euros), the European Union was the most important buyer of Austrian wood products. The trade balance surplus, i.e. the value of the exported products over the imported ones, is 1.1 billion euros.

“The experience of a spring forest can teach you more about humanity, about morality, evil and good, than all the wise.”

William Wordsworth

Location Advantage 3 – Key Sector: Sustainable Technologies
The windparks in Burgenland for instance save up to 800,000 tons of CO2. In the Vienna Region many offices, as well as buildings of flats and houses have put up solar panels to operate more energy efficiently. This technology uses solar panels to convert the energy of the sun into electricity. Especially Burgenland with more than 300 days of sunshine per year can generate the majority of the energy needed from solar panels. In Vienna there are many innovative projects in the field of photovoltaics, for example the use of solar energy to water fields.

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Which leisure activities does the Vienna Region offer?

The Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel
The Giant Ferris wheel Vienna in the Prater is a sight and a landmark of the Vienna Region. It was built in 1897 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph I’s throne and was one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world at the time.

Hot Air Balloon
Enjoy seeing the world from a different perspective and experience nature by silently soaring above it.

Karting Tracks

No limits driving fun! Do you like it fast, racy and exciting? At the Speedarena kart track in Rechnitz in Burgenland, between Vienna and Graz, you can completely surrender to the intoxication of speed. With a track length of over 1 km, you are certainly guaranteed boundless driving fun on one of the most modern rental go-kart tracks in Austria. Rent a go-kart and plunge into the rapid driving pleasure – ready, steady, go!

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